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Wheel Stops Perth

Image Bollards supplies and installs wheel stops to businesses across the Perth metropolitan area. We offer a comprehensive range of products comprising of;

Wheel stops are the simplest and most economical way to control car parking. They provide a range of benefits including stopping vehicles hitting car park walls and penetrating pedestrian walk ways. Wheel stops are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, car parks and anywhere you wish to control parking. We supply and install Rubber Wheel Stops, Compliance Wheel Stops and Concrete Wheel Stops all of which conform to Australian standards. Colour options include Hi Visibility Strips, Yellow, Blue and Grey.

As our name suggests, we are also able to supply a range of Bollards to protect your business from unwanted vehicular access.

Bollards are the obvious solution to Ram-Raid Prevention and these come in a range of options including Permanent Bollards, Automatic Retractable Bollards, Retractable Bollards and Removable Bollards.

If you have a problem with speeding vehicles and wish to slow them down then we are able to offer a range of Speed Humps which will help you achieve the desired result. We have Cable Protector Speed Humps, Steel Speed Humps, Slo-Motion Compliance Speed Humps, and even One Way Access Control Speed Humps.

We offer a full maintenance service and all of our products are built to Australian Standards and are backed by full warranty.