Speed Humps

Speed Humps are the simplest and most effective way of slowing traffic. All Speed Humps comply to AS2890.1:2004 and come with up to 5 years warranty.

If you have a problem with vehicles travelling too fast then you need to slow them down and improve safety for pedestrians and other vehicles using your facility. We have a range of Speed Humps that are ideal for slowing traffic in car parks, shopping centres, factory complexes, schools, universities and medical facilities such as hospitals and aged care facilities.

Our Slo-Motion Compliance Speed Hump is a modular speed control system made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with solid colour. It is resistant to fade and will not crack or rust and is perfectly suited to the Australian climate. For increased visibility it has built-in prismatic reflectors that greatly enhance visibility at night. This product is proudly manufactured in Australia.

Our High Visibility Rubber Speed Humps only weigh 4kg, are economical and easy to install.

Our Steel Speed Humps have more than 4 times the load bearing contact area with the road surface than competitor’s products and doesn’t require a rubber underlay to prevent rattle.

The Blade Runner Speed Hump provides one-way access control with teeth that retract when a vehicle approaches from the permitted direction but these teeth will lock and cause almost certain tyre damage to a vehicle approaching from an unauthorised direction. It is extremely strong with a 6mm top plate and has a high visibility green finish with a low profile and with its low ramp angle, provides a soft approach.

Cable Protector Speed Humps are designed for the temporary protection of both assets and pedestrians from tripping hazards. These provide flexibility with 45 degree bends and end caps when setting out. These are robust and available in 3 or 5 channel with hinged lids for ease of use.

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